DOVE, Develop emerging young church leaders across denominational lines, by providing leadership and awareness raising training opportunities.

DOVE, formerly known as EFC-KEY, is now a local NGO made up of Jesus Followers, both Cambodian and expatriates, who are committed to the transformation of young people who will respond to the needs of the poor and marginlized.

Our village becomes green and people are living a healthy life and having access to education.

DOVE is a member of EFC.

To provide children, youth access to education and skills of self-help so that they can become more self-sustained with skills to transform their society.
Strategy (READS)
Relief - We will provide assistance to meet the survival need of villagers..
Education - Provide access to training/education to meet the need the children of villagers.
Advocacy - Confront the systemic problem of economic oppression of people – (i.e, the silo cut out the middle man who made profit from the poor)
Democracy - We will develop a model of rule by-for-of the people.
Solidarity - To transform people in that they might take the model of self-help and make it a way of life in their community and let the villagers provide service to their own people.
The five Core Values of DOVE are HEART
Holistic Approach : We believe in the importance of our Christian witness to young people.
Equip & Empowerment : We promote leadership and capacity building to the community.
Advocacy : We believe in the importance of a human being that is created in Godís image.
Relationship : Building good relationships with other beneficiaries in the community and authority, because it is the key to express love and care to people.
Trust/Transformation : Building trust in the society because it is the key of cooperation.
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និមិត្តៈ ភូមិយើងក្លាយជាភូមិពោពេញដោយរុក្ខជាតិបៃតង ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋរស់មានសុខភាព និងផ្តល់ចំណេះគ្រប់គ្រាន់ដល់កូនចៅ | Vision: Our village becomes green and people are living a healthy life and having access to education.